We Create and maintain a Global Identity to sell and promote your Products or Services Worldwide.
We source, products, services Raw Materials and Resources at the lowest prices available both Regionally and Globally.
Subcontract component assembly, manufactured processes, billing & collection services and order fulfillment.
We are an established Import Agent to represent your Company and Products.
Establish outsourcing product manufacturing contracts, subcontracting contracts and supply/service proposals.
Possibility to insert your Products and Services in our portfolio

Even if you’re simply looking for a source for new products, or you’re searching for a manufacturer, or you’re looking to expand your business we are here to help you.

*We know different markets at manufacturing,outsourcing and trade level. We are very good at business development ,supply, export, import, trade, finance, also relationship development.

*We give outcourcing and supply services to foreign clients in garment, food, furniture, machine sectors for private label manufacturing and standard buying

* We have great following up skills and i like being aware of every process of transaction and business.

• We follow regulations and tarrifs regarding related products.

*We operate in different sectors and we deal with product and business brokerage in furniture, machine, textile, leather, food, construction, real estate, chemicals, agriculture, energy and other sectors. We regularly attend in sectoral fairs in Istanbul and meet with sector players.

• We have large network in logistic both academic and professional level and we can arrange logistics at professional level either railway, seaway or motorway also airway. We have corporate level relationship in logistic sector therefore we can make corporate agreement with them to get best for logistic of products.
• We have also have close relationship with academy as a result we can be a gate and partner to industry and investors in agriculture biomedical and life sciences, machine, software, industrial fields as well as business and economics fields